Our Mission

“I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.”  -Mia Hamm

Our goal is simple, to produce better people through the sport of wrestling.  We want our wrestlers to know what hard work is and allow them to take pride in their work.  With this work ethic along with knowing that by making the right choices in life, they will become men of integrity and great character.


Wrestling is a very tough sport,  we work hard because the sport requires it;  if you are weary of hard work, this sport is not for you.  For some wrestlers the work will be toward the grand goal of winning a state championship and for others it will be to just make it through the season.  It is your conduct and commitment that makes it commendable.  This may require sacrifice by the wrestler, parents and coach but in the end, we will have accomplished something possitive.




We expect our wrestlers to take responsibility for their actions on and off the mat.

We expect our wrestlers to be academically eligible.

We expect our wrestlers to come to practice prepared and ON TIME.

We expect our wrestlers to take responsibility for their personal hygene, remembering 

      to take hot showers with soap after each practice, arrive in clean workout cloths

      and disinfect their shoes and headgear.

We expect our wrestlers will work together toward a goal as a team.  We will 

      win and lose as a team and support eachother as a team. 

We expect our wrestlers to give their best both at practice and during matches.

We expect our wrestlers and parents will keep quiet when coaches are speaking.  If we

      are forced to yell, we will clear the room.

We expect our wrestlers to get support from their families.  Family is critical in providing 

      encouragement, understanding, and personal growth.






"Entering for the love of wrestling, one will leave with and appreciation for life"

                                         Harvard Wrestling